Hate Doing Laundry? Easy Laundry Tips Here!洗涤小贴士让家务事更简单!

laundry nets

Hate doing laundry? Tangle clothes? Damaged clothes? Separation of Baby clothes and Yours? Time drainer? Let us show you good laundry solutions!

Use Laundry Nets to help you wash laundry faster, easier, protects your washing and no more trips to the dry cleaners so you save money too!


easy 1

TIP 1: Cylindrical laundry net is great for washing larger items.
Easy to place in and out of the washing machine.

Ideal for washing large items such as  bedding, sheets & towels. 

Save money & wash easily at home. No money wasted at dry cleaners!

Enjoy easy laundry Here!

小贴士1: 使用筒状的洗衣袋洗大件物品更加棒!筒状的洗衣袋容易放入洗衣机和拿出。最适合清洗浴巾和床上用品如床单,被子。在家里清洗更佳省钱不需要浪费钱送到洗衣店清洗了!简单洗涤就在这里!

easy 2

Tip 2: Stinky pillows that are still new? Don’t throw them out and waste money buying new pillows…

Specially designed pillow laundry net lets you wash pillows easily in your washing machine. Clean, fresh smelling, good as new pillows!

Its unique feature allows you to dry it with normal hangers. Hassle-free cleaning here!

小贴士2: 枕头是新的但是有点异味?不想浪费钱把枕头扔掉买新的?使用特别为清洗枕头而设计的洗衣袋就可以解决您的问题!枕头洗衣袋让您方便清洗枕头,让您的枕头又干净又卫生像新的枕头一样!枕头洗衣袋的独特设计能够让枕头挂在普通的衣架上晾干,非常方便,让您轻松把家务事完成。

Easy 3

Tip 3: Round laundry net is effectively prevents entanglement and improves the removal of stains by rotating during washing. It floats better and is more gentle on clothing.

Ideal for washing delicate clothing like lady intimates, lingerie and baby wear.

小贴士3: 圆形的洗衣袋能够有效的避免衣物缠绕起来。圆形洗衣袋在洗涤的时候能够360度转动,所以更有效的去除污垢。圆形的洗衣袋浮水性更好,对衣物更温柔,所以最适合使用来清洗精细的布料如女性内衣,内裤和婴童服装。

Experience it here!

More laundry solutions are available here, check it out!

更多的洗涤解决方案就在这里! 更轻松的完成家务,让您有更多时间享受生活!



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