Golden Ticket CNY Lucky Draw 2016 金猴春节金券大抽奖活动

Up to US$1000 worth of Prizes Up For GRABS!


Terms & Conditions

Lucky Draw Mechanics

  1. From 18 Jan 2016 to 8 Feb 2016, any individual who likes and shares the stipulated promotional content post on Goodsania Facebook ( and registers as a member on Goodsania websites ( , or related designated forms, regardless of language portal)  will be entitled to one chance to enter the Goodsania Golden Ticket CNY Lucky Draw 2016.
  2. All individuals who like and share Goodsania Facebook promotion post and register as Goodsania members during this promotion period will be entitled to a Gift ticket which will be issued via valid email addresses. Goodsania does not take responsibility for any gift tickets not received due to invalid email address or any other technical fault.
  3. Any individual who makes a order purchase during the promotion period will get double chances in the lucky draw. Lucky draw chances double according to the number of orders done during this period i.e. one time order purchase equals two lucky draw chances, two times order purchase equals four lucky draw chances and so forth.
  4. All Facebook like, share and member registration; (and/or) purchases must be completed by 8 Feb 2016 2359hr, Japan time, to qualify for this lucky draw.
  5. On 9 Feb 2016, Goodsania will announce the winners of the lucky draw on Goodsania Facebook account. The prizes are as follows:
  6. 10 individuals will be presented with Special ticket of 28% Off their next order purchase. (worth up to US$48, S$68 each)
  7. 5 individuals will be presented with a Bronze ticket of 38% Off their next order purchase. (worth up to US$65, S$93 each)
  8. 2 individuals will be presented with a Silver ticket of 58% Off their next order purchase. (worth up to US$99, S$140 each)
  9. 1 lucky individual will be presented with Golden ticket of 88% Off their next order purchase. (worth up to US$150, S$215 each)
  10. All winning ticket prizes can only be used for one time order purchase until 18 Feb 2016, 2359hrs Japan time, with a cap of total order purchase price at JPY20000 (before discount).
  11. All winning ticket prize details will be sent by email to the winners. Hence, a valid email address is required. Goodsania is not responsible for any email bounce, technical error or loss of prizes due to invalid email addresses.
  12. The Golden Ticket winner will receive any in-stock items free* order of winner’s choice after using of Golden Ticket 88% Off discount ticket. Balance amount to be paid is as required for goods shipping and necessary declarations.

Liabilities & Disclaimers

  1. Goodsania reserves the right to cancel the order purchase, refuse shipment or request for payment of top-up amount if it exceeds the total order purchase price of JPY20000 (before discount).
  2. Goodsania reserves the right to cancel or amend the contest mentioned on the Web Site or social media or these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted either within the Website, social media or these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Representatives of Goodsania will pick the lucky draw winner from eligible entries. No correspondence will be entertained about Goodsania’s decision. In the case of dispute, Goodsania’s decision will be final.
  4. Goodsania reserves the right to disqualify all entries that do not meet the rules and regulations of the Lucky Draw. These include entries submitted with invalid or incorrect information such as (not limited to) invalid email addresses or fake identities.
  5. In the event that any one is disqualified from the Lucky draw, Goodsania at its sole discretion may decide whether a replacement entrant should be selected. In this event, any further entrant will be selected on the same criteria as the original entrant and will be subject to the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Acceptance of any prize shall constitute consent on the winner’s part to allow the use of the winner’s name, image, voice and/or likeness by Goodsania for editorial, advertising, promotional, marketing and/or other purposes without further compensation except where prohibited by law. Acceptance of any prize shall constitute a release and discharge of Goodsania by each winner from any and all liability, claims, demands, causes of action, and/or damages which the winner may have, whether known or unknown at the present time, of any nature whatsoever, arising out of or relating to: (i) the contest, (ii) personal injury and/or property damage, theft or loss suffered by the winner as a result of the use and/or enjoyment of the prize, and/or (iii) any tax liabilities in relation to the contest, prize and/or use or enjoyment of the same.
  7. Prizes awarded may not be exchanged into cash and may only be used in Goodsania store ( for order purchases.
  8. Goodsania cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any entrant entering the Contest or as a result of entering the Contest or accepting any prize. Goodsania is not responsible for any safe custody, return, non-delivery or missing of entries, late, misdirected, problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software failure of any email or entry to be received on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet, telephone lines or at any web site, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to entrant’s or any other person’s computer or mobile telephone related to or resulting from participation or downloading any materials in the Contest.
  9. By entering the Contest or accepting the prizes, You agree that no claim relating to such losses or injuries (including special, indirect and consequential losses) shall be asserted against Goodsania, its parent companies, affiliates, directors, officers, employees or agents from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind resulting from the Contest and acceptance of any prize, including without limitation, personal injuries, death and property damage.





  1. 在Goodsania的面书Facebook网页上(喜欢和Share分享指定的张贴并上Goodsania的官方网站 ,中英日官方网都可以 或者填写提交指定的表格)注册为会员,就可获得1次抽奖的机会。活动期间时2016年1月18日到2月8日,晚上11点59分,日本时间,截止。
  2. 所有成功注册和参加抽奖活动的人士将会获得一张特别的春节购物礼券。礼券将会被发送到您的个人邮箱里。Goodsania不对于任何技术故障或则参加活动时填写信息错误的情况等而未收到礼券的事件负责任。
  3. 任何在活动期间在Goodsania官方网购物的人士将会获得 双倍 的赢奖机会。每次订购将会获得双倍赢奖机会,比如,一次订购将获得2次抽奖机会,两次订购将获得4次抽奖机会等。
  4. 在2016年2月9日,Goodsania将会在官方面书网页上宣布赢奖人士。可获得的奖项如下:
  5. 10位,每人可获得“特牌礼券”抵扣订单28%一张。(价值高达美金48,新币68 每张)
  6. 5位,每人可获得“铜牌礼券”抵扣订单38%一张。(价值高达美金65,新币93 每张)
  7. 2位,每人可获得“银牌礼券”抵扣订单58%一张。(价值高达美金99,新币140 每张)
  8. 1位大赢家,可获得“金牌礼券”抵扣订单88%一张。(价值高达美金150,新币215 每张)
  9. 礼券只可以在Goodsania官方网上购买商品抵扣使用,不可换取现金。赢家使用礼券抵扣购物最高购物总金额为20000日元(折扣前)。每张礼券只可以使用一次,并必须在2月18日,晚上11点59分,日本时间,以内使用完成才有效。
  10. 礼券将由电邮发送方式传达给每位赢家。Goodsania将不会对任何因为技术故障或提供错误电邮地址等问题而未收到礼券的人士负责任。
  11. 赢的金牌礼券的赢家将会获得抵扣88%购物订单的礼券,所以等于免费*订购商品。其余部分金额是为货物运输,海关报关等程序所需的费用。
  12. 若任何赢家使用赢取的礼券抵扣订单而订单总金额超过20000日元(折扣前),Goodsania保留权利要求买家付差额,取消订单或者拒绝运送货品等。
  13. Goodsania保留此促销活动的所有决定权利。若中文条规有不清楚的部分,以上英文条规为准。

golden monkey lucky draw-one-cn


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