Comfy Home Tips

Did you know … 30% of home accidents are caused by slips & falls? 
Slips happen when there is insufficient friction between your foot and the walking surface, causing you to lose your balance.
Here is How You Can Prevent Slips & Falls In Your Home.

watanabe stair mat1

Kids, Pets & Elderly at Home? We will Worry About Their Safety & Comfort. How do you make Your Home Safer & Comfy for them?
Use Easy Non-slip Absorption Stick-On Staircase Carpets.

Hardwood or Tiled areas in the home are slippery & hard. Lack of friction is not suitable for pets to walk on. Their paws & claws cannot grip the ground, so they slip and fall. Accidents may happen when they fall on hard stairs.
Protect your pets paws & hips with easy to stick on, non-slip staircase carpeting. Easy to vacuum and machine washable to make your clean-up a breeze!

watanabe stair mat6

It’s also difficult for children and elderly to grip the smooth steps well. Don’t spend thousands of dollars renovating your home. And fully carpeted flooring is difficult to clean and maintain.

This is Perfect for homes with children and elderly. Safe to use, non-slip base with soft comfy feel. It is also easy to clean and can be removed without any marks when you don’t need it.
Ripped carpet surface also give more traction and grip, preventing slips & falls.
High Quality Made in Japan.

watanabe stair mat5

Japan innovation re-usable 3D sticky base. Once applied on a flat surface, a strong suction force is created so will not move and is non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about falls due to slippery ground!
It is Eco-friendly and washable.

Give your home a easy makeover. Make your home safer and comfier for everyone without breaking the bank! Super economical 15 pieces per pack. large 45x22cm size.
Available in 3 elegant colours: Beige, Pink & Brown.

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