How To Make Perfect Omu-Rice怎么烹饪完美的蛋包饭

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Make Perfect Omelette Rice Every Time!

Easy 4 Steps To Cook Perfect Omelette With Fillings!
Japanese Favourite: Omu-Rice オムライス
Preparation: Make some egg batter by beating 2-3 large eggs together with some milk or water. Season with salt & pepper.
  1. Apply a small amount of oil in the pan over medium heat and pour in the egg batter. Swirl egg batter around the pan to form a good egg coating. Cook egg until half-done.
  2. Add in your favourite fillings in the center (You can put cheese, ham, mushrooms, rice, pasta, anything!)
  3. Fold the 2 sides of the egg omelette over the center to wrap the filling.
  4. Cook until the egg done-ness that you like, flip onto a plate and serve!
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Also very useful for making other dishes like (clockwise from top left) grilled salmon with vegetables, pancakes and caramelised fruit, breakfast set of sunny-side-up eggs with sausages and greens, finish off with crepes rolled with banana & whipped cream!
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