How To Keep Your Wooden Cutting Board In Tip-Top Condition 如何保养木制砧板


Do you know the best way to use Japanese Natural Wood cutting board? Let us show you the best ways! Keep your wooden cutting board in best condition always with these easy tips!


cuttingboard11) Before usage: Make sure you wash your cutting board with water and wipe it with a clean towel before using it. The wood will be impregnated with moisture and enhance its longevity.


2) During usage: When cutting vegetables, fish or meat, wipe the wet vicinity of cutting board with a cloth or wash it with water. This will prevent the bad smells from being transferred.


cuttingboard23) After usage: You may wipe the wet areas with a cloth during usage. After usage, please wash with water and detergent or vinegar. If you have cut fish, please do not use warm water to wash your cutting board as the warm water will lock in the fish proteins into the wood which will cause bad smells.



4) Drying after wash: Always stand your cutting board vertically when drying and avoid areas with direct sunlight or heat source. This will prevent warping or distortion. Also, even if you only used one side of the cutting board, please wash both sides. This will enable the wood to dry out evenly on both sides to avoid warping.

清洗后沥干: 请竖着摆放沥干也不要在太阳底下直晒或在靠近热源的地方沥干。这样会避免变形。即使您只是使用砧板的单面切食材,请您两边都清洗。这样会让木双面平均的沥干水分避免变形。


5) Sterilizing: It is recommended to sterilize the wooden cutting board once a week with boiling water after you washed with detergent to avoid any mold growth. In countries where there is high humidity or certain seasons, you may also use a scrubbing brush and some coarse salt or baking soda to scrub clean.



6) If distortion occurs: For thin board with a little distortion, wet the whole board with water and stand it vertically to dry. If there is a larger warp distortion, place a wet towel on the concave side then face the convex side to the direction of sunlight and leave vertically to dry. This should correct the warp.

如果变形: 如果薄款的砧板只是稍微变形,只要把整个砧板弄湿然后竖着沥干就可以了。但如果变形的问题较大,把一个湿毛巾放在凹面然后把凸面摆放在向着太阳直晒的方向竖着沥干。这样应该可以改正变形问题。

7) Revitalizing an old board: After being used for a long time, there may be many scratches on the surface or the center of the cutting board may become recessed. Then ingredients may accumulate on the board or efficiency is reduced. In this case, you may use some sandpaper or file to scrape the surface. The cutting board will be reborn. We recommend that the same cutting board may continue to be used if the thickness is more than 25mm.


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