Easy Tips To Make Perfect Riceballs


It’s healthy to create your own meals and packed lunch from home. Cooking and preparing meals can be easy! Let us show you easy tips!

Making Japanese Riceballs is Easy! No Mess, No Fuss! Just 5 simple steps… Let’s go!

  1. Start with some hot Japanese or short grain rice. (If you are using rice which has cooled down or leftover rice, please warm it in the microwave.)
  2. Put a little water droplets into the FuriFuri Rice Ball maker. (Top & Bottom parts)
  3. Use the scoop and place rice into the bottom part of the FuriFuri Rice Ball maker. Please fill only up until the inner line.
  4. Cover with the top lid and secure the lid but turning it closed. Then simply shake the maker up and down for a few times. Be careful to hold tight so the maker will not fly off your hands while you shake.
  5. Open the lid and you get a perfectly shaped round rice ball! Easy! All Done!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.37.11 AM


You can add delicious flavours and colours into the rice to create rice balls of different tastes and looks too!


Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 12.54.22 AM

Cute Rice Ball Ideas!

(Clockwise From Left)

  • Cut out some seaweed Nori sheets and decorate your white rice ball into a delicious soccer ball!
  • Add Sakura Denbu (Pink Cherry Blossom Fish Powder) and stir into the rice before making rice balls to create pink rice balls. You can create pink beach balls with some seaweed Nori strips on the rice ball or cut up some green cucumber strips to make pink cute rice “cherries”.
  • Use Large & Small size FuriFuri Riceball maker to make rice balls of different sizes. Next, use some sesame seeds and bits of carrot to create a lovely snowman with 2 rice balls.

You can add any other flavours like seaweed (to create green rice), black sesame seeds (to create black & white rice), brown bonito fish flake toppings (to create brown rice) and more! Get Creative!

Use Nori Seaweed Sheets to Make Cute faces for Rice Balls!  Right Here!

Seaweed Puncher cuts out cute face expression shapes from Nori Seaweed Sheets. Easy to do and fun for everybody! Create Happy Faces on Rice Balls with this tool.

Easy Ideas and Great Activities for Kids too! Use FuriFuri Riceball Maker, Have Fun with Your Kids, Make Riceballs Together, Decorate Them and Enhance their Creativity! Pack delicious Bento Lunch for kids or pretty picnic party anytime!

A delicious, educational and fun activity for everyone in the family! Try it now!



Thank you for reading our Blog! 

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