Mmm.. Mushrooms… Healthy Recipes for Kids! 烹饪宝宝爱吃的美味蘑菇类食品真容易!

Mushrooms look like boring little spongy things which are not often included in baby or kids diets. But did you know, mushrooms have many health benefits for kids and adults? It is a superfood for everyone at home! Time to dish up some goodness!


Mushrooms are not vegetables, they are also not fruits. In fact, mushrooms are fungus which grow on wood or grassy areas. Be careful NOT to harvest mushrooms on your own as they can be poisonous! However, delicious mushrooms like shiitake, portobello, enoki, white button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms are readily available in most supermarkets, ready to dish up! They are packed full of healthy goodness and are really reasonably priced superfoods.

Why are mushrooms good for your kids?

  1. Promotes excretory system healthKeeps your kids bowel movements good and healthy!
  2. High in calciumGreat for strong bones!
  3. Rich in anti-oxidantsHelps to fight free radicals, promote healthy skin & prevent diseases.
  4. Boost immunityPrevents common illnesses such as colds.
  5. Rich in ironIron is essential to the body as it encourages new blood cell formation and oxygen flow through the body. An iron-rich diet will maintain good health!
  6. Enhance metabolismMushrooms are rich in essential nutrients, so they keep your child healthy and energetic all day!
  7. Vitamin D boostUnknown to us, many children suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Prevent Vitamin D deficiency in your child by giving him mushrooms which are an excellent source of Vitamin D.

Mushrooms are packed full of goodness but its difficult to get your kids to eat them as mushrooms may have a pungent smell and weird texture to them.

Here’s an easy mushroom and pasta one-dish meal. Only needs 3 main ingredients and simple steps!

Great for kids & the whole family and packed full of superfoods that are healthy for everyone!


200g shiitake / white button or any mushrooms – cleaned & diced

1 clove garlic – minced

100g bacon or ham or minced meat (optional)

150g pasta – choose your favourite kind! (we like macaroni or penne, its easier to eat then spaghetti but its up to you!)

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 tablespoon butter (optional but it tastes much creamier and yummier for kids!)

salt – to taste

freshly ground black pepper – to taste (if kids do not like the spicy taste of pepper, you can omit it during cooking and let adults add to their pasta as they wish later.)

Easy 1-2-3-4 Steps:

  1. Cook pasta as per packaging and strain off the water, save a cup of the pasta water to loosen up the dish later, if required.
  2. Heat olive oil (with butter) on medium heat. Add in the minced garlic and stir-fry until fragrant and beginning to brown (not too brown or it will burn). [optional – add the bacon / ham / minced meat now and stir-fry until 80% cooked, if you want meat, or you can just omit meat to make a vegetarian dish]
  3. Add in the mushrooms and continue to stir-fry until the mushrooms are 80% cooked. Mushrooms will cook down and absorb the delicious garlic butter. Add salt and season to taste.
  4. Add in the cooked pasta and continue to stir-fry, loosening up the pasta and making sure the mushroom and pasta are well combined. If the dish is getting too sticky, add some pasta water (a small spoon at a time) to loosen up the dish.

Plate up and ready to eat! This dish smells wonderful, simple to cook, tastes great!

Watch your kids enjoy!


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1小粒蒜头 - 剁碎 (不是一整个蒜头哦~)

100克培根/火腿/肉碎 (*素食者可以不加)

150克意大利粉 (请您挑选自己喜欢的意大利粉形状。如果是儿童吃的,建议调勺子可以容易拿的形状。)


1/2汤匙黄油 (不喜欢吃黄油的可以不要加,但是加了会有淡淡的奶油香,小朋友们更爱吃)

盐巴 -少许

黑胡椒粉 -少许(儿童吃的话就不需要加哦~)


  1. 先按照意大利粉包装袋的烹饪法把面条煮熟并把水分倒掉保留1杯的水分备用
  2. 在锅里使用中火热橄榄油后加黄油。油不能太热。然后加入蒜头,炒一炒,到香气扑鼻(不要炒焦哦)再加入肉(培根/火腿或者肉碎)。继续炒一炒,炒到肉8分熟。
  3. 加入蘑菇继续翻炒,直到蘑菇8分熟。让蘑菇吸收美味的蒜头黄油汁。加入少许盐和胡椒粉调味。
  4. 最后加入煮熟的意大利粉,继续翻炒,让蘑菇和面条混合均匀。如果面条太干有点粘,加入少许的煮意大利面是剩下的备用水,就可以上盘了



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