Why shopping in foreign currency benefits you?外币跨境购物的益处

Why shopping in foreign currency benefits you?

Lots of great products from overseas websites. Kitchen wares at up to 70% off department store prices. Great home ideas and innovations at good discounts. Better value on house ware products… and more…

But you are concerned – products are listed in foreign currency. Is it going to be more expensive? I don’t know the exchange rate. Will I be charged higher fees? Don’t worry about it!

Let’s understand why shopping in foreign currency actually benefits you!

Top 6 Reasons You Benefit & Save More By Shopping Overseas!

  1. You’re buying products from the source. Which cuts out the middleman and gives you savings!
  2. Japanese goods paid in Japanese Yen, eliminates the foreign currency exchange and poor conversion rate charged to you by banks and intermediaries.
  3. More savings to shop in foreign local currency! Shopping for foreign products in your home currency forces you to pay a fixed exchange rate which would be pegged at a higher rate than a current exchange rate charged when you pay by foreign local currency at the point of purchase.
  4. Shop in foreign currency and get up to 10% savings upfront! If you insist to pay in your home currency, you could be paying a “dynamic currency conversion” fee (around 3%) plus transaction fees (around 3%) on top of currency exchange rates, which makes you pay extra 6-10% fees for nothing! Get up to 10% savings by shopping overseas in foreign currency!
  5. Get up to 10 times More points with overseas shopping! Shop overseas in foreign currency and get more benefits! Many credit cards give you double points, 5-times more points and some even 10-times more points for foreign currency spending. Earn points more quickly and redeem more shopping vouchers, gifts or dining privileges! (examples below, different banks have different offers, banks T&C applies…)

uob points

6. Get awarded up to double miles and 10-times more cash rebates when you shop overseas or in foreign currency! Fly to your choice destination faster with more miles earned quickly! Get extra savings with 10-times more cash rebates! (examples below, different banks have different offers, banks T&C applies…)

uob milesuob miles 2

More details on UOB cards here.

It only gets better…

On top of everyday discounts of up to 70% off retail prices when you shop online from overseas stores,

And get extra rebates & points from credit cards,

PLUS now you can get Extra +15% Discount on already everyday low prices!

Get a total of more than EXTRA 25% discounts off instantly!


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外币购物能够让您更省钱!让我们告诉您外币购物的TOP 6理由!



3. 使用商品的当地货币购物,让您享受现时优惠价,没有固定的汇率产生的额外费用。


5. 日元购物,您还可以获得更多信用卡优惠!使用某些银行信用卡在海外网店购物,可获得高达10倍的积分!这样您可以快速积分,更快的享受积分优惠!

6. 你不只是能够享受更多的积分优惠,某些信用卡还有现金返还的活动和飞行里程积分。使用外币购物能够让您获得高达10倍的现金返还金额还可以得到双倍的飞行里程积分。这么多优惠等着您享受





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