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Summer is here! The sun is out! Or if you live in the tropics, it is summer all year round. It’s a nice warm weather to be out and about! One of the most important things in the heat is to make sure that you and your kids are well-hydrated. The question is what are the best methods and bottles to use?

Summer Time

Health Problems Related with Plastic Bottles & Disposable Plastic Drink Bottles

First, let’s talk about plastic water bottles. We all know the controversy of plastic bottles and BPA (also known as Bisphenol A). This chemical is known to cause a host of health problems in the long term. Some of these health problems include some types of cancer, neurological difficulties, reduced fertility in women, premature labour, defects in newborn babies and early puberty in girls to name a few.

There are other health issues caused by other chemicals found in plastics. Phthalates which are commonly used to make plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) more flexible are often found in ready-to-drink beverage bottles. These chemicals leach into the drinks and in time contaminate the persons who drink them. They are linked to a wide range of developmental and reproductive problems, including reduced sperm count, testicular abnormality, tumours and gender development issues.

Other than health problems caused by plastic bottles, there is the environmental problems caused by plastic. Many times we are thirsty and simple buy a bottle of water from the convenience store. These disposable plastic bottles are not easily recycled and often end up lying stagnant in landfills. They leach dangerous chemicals into the ground, or are left on our streets as litter. Plastic bottles are not healthy or environmentally-friendly.

Simple Solution to Easy Hydration Anytime

So what can we do to protect ourselves, save the environment and keep ourselves well-hydrated? Simple! Equip yourself and your family with re-usable, convenient, easy-to-use and healthy thermos bottles!


Slim and easy to carry along Thermos Bottle!

Better than regular plastic bottles, with thermos bottles you can keep hot beverages like tea or coffee hot and enjoy them through out the day, in the office or at picnics, or enjoy cold drinks like juices and ice tea to cool yourself down on hot summer days or after sports.


Enjoy Hot Coffee or Tea in the Office! Keeps Hot for min. 6 Hours.


Quench your thirst on a hot day outdoors with ice cold drinks! Keep Cool for min. 6 Hours.

There are many styles of bottles to suit different ages and needs. Much better than a simple plastic bottle. There are Thermos bottles that you drink directly from the bottle mouth, one-touch flip lid – convenient to drink for sports or driving, straw-type style for mess-free drinking and even very large tough bottles with big capacity for outdoor camping or taking baby out.

There are also cute bottles for kids with lovely animal or cartoon designs. Some bottles are 2-Way types. So what is 2-Way? Kids can sip from them or change the lid into a pour spout type, making it more convenient for anytime of use or situation.


Savvy Mummies!

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