Picky Eaters? Make Easy & Tasty Sushi & Bento for Kids!

Kids are picky at times and it’s difficult to get them to eat. But why are kids picky? There are many issues involved. Sometimes they are teething and their gums hurt, so they don’t enjoy food. Other times their sense of smell and taste are more acute than adults, so some strong tasting foods like mushrooms are awful to them. Boredom from low variety of foods and lack of interest can also be a problem when feeding kids.

How to make foods more fun, tasty and interesting to kids? There are some simple, fun and easy-to-do solutions which are a breeze to make, delicious and visually appealing.

We know Moms are all very busy, exhausted power-women. These tips are here to help you make tasty food an enjoyable and stress-free time. You can also squeeze in some quality bonding time with your kids.

Let us break it down into 3 types of difficulty levels. So if you have little time and energy, choose Level 1, if you have a bit more time and feel like doing a bit more, choose Level 2, if you are feeling at leisure and have the energy to put in some effort, feel free to choose Level 3.

Ready, steady, Let’s Go!

Level 1

No time? No energy? No problem!

  • Tip #1: Simply wrap up flavoured rice or fried rice into cute little “presents” and your little ones will be intrigued to open them and be surprised!

There are many attractive designs to suit your child’s preferences. These rice wrappers are super easy to use, safe and come in beautiful colors and designs. Create fun and interesting meal times in a flash!

Be it Hello Kitty, Thomas the Train, Rilakkuma (Relax Bear), Anpanman (Red bean super man) or cute Milk Girl Peko-chan, there are all sorts of characters, colors and designs to keep your kids interested and engaged!

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  • Tip #2: You can also make cute face patterns on rice, noodles or desserts for your kids.

Simply place the Face Deco Plate on top of the rice, noodles or dessert and sprinkle seaweed flakes, fish flakes, sesame seeds, sugar or other toppings on top. You can also sprinkle cocoa powder, crushed nuts or candy on desserts to make cute & attractive faces on puddings or cakes. No fuss, no mess, super quick way to make design and attractive food for kids!

Level 2

  • Tip #3: Turn a boring bowl of rice into interesting shapes and wrap with an assortment of toppings.

For very quick and super easy meals, make cylinder rice rolls or triangle rice balls with these non-stick and easy-to-use rice moulds. Worried about making a sticky mess? Don’t worry! These Made in Japan triangle or cylinder rice moulds are easy to shape rice and would not cause a sticky mess as they are specially designed with embossed inner coating.

Quick & simple meals! Top with seaweed, fish flakes, fill insides with cheese, egg or ham – Anything your kids like. It’s very versatile and easy!

  • Tip #4: Animal shapes are always a favourite among children. Teddy bears, birds, elephants, rabbits – all so cute and interesting!

Very simple to do! You can use plain rice or make fried rice and press it into cute animal shapes with this simple mould.

Or you can flavour some plain rice with tasty fish flakes, seaweed flakes (known as furikake 振り掛け) or other healthy ingredients available in the supermarket to create colourful delicious animal shape rice.

You can top the rice with ham, cheese, vegetables like peas, corn kernels or carrots. Anything which your kids love! Use bits of egg omelet or black sesame seeds to decorate the details of the animal face! I’m sure the cute look and interesting colors and food textures & tastes will captivate your little ones and make them hungry for more!


Level 3

Have some time on your hands? Feeling adventurous? Here are some fun activities for you and your kids to get hands-on together!

  • Tip #5: Cut out cute shapes from cheese, ham, seaweed, carrot slices or egg omelette to decorate on rice or add into fried rice to make meal times more fun & colourful!

Use assorted mini food cutters to create easy & fun shapes. It takes some time to do but its easy! The moulds cutters are made of safe materials with no sharp edges so you can get your kids to help out and enjoy a fun time making cute & delicious food together.

Getting kids involved in the cooking process will help them to understand tastes, textures and build more interest in foods and eating! It’s a healthy and fun activity for everyone!

Make toppings for rice, pasta, or even salads! Cute shapes will make even yucky vegetables taste better!

Use mini sausages to create fun characters for your kids, involve them in the design and boost their interests in foods. Create a “story” with foods on their plates with mini sausage characters and other cut out shapes. (example below: a “sea shore scenery” with fish & crab sausages in the sea of rice, cute penguin sausages on the veggie shore.)

P2776NEWi_LRGScreen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.24.52 AM

Mini sausage characters are very easy to make! Simply press the mini sausage into the mould and the design is cut onto the sausage. Grill or panfry the sausage on a frying pan and heat thru until gold brown. Ready to serve!

Hope you try these fun & easy methods to create tasty & quick attractive meals for your kids!


Thank you for reading our Blog! 

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