Healthy Inside, Happy Life!

Alot of times everyone just care about our outsides. How do we look? What’s the latest fashion or make-up trends? Is my skin complexion good? And there is alot of focus on skin care lotions, body creams and gorgeous new fashion designs.

But what is most important to us is what’s inside, which mostly cannot be seen from the outside. Let’s talk about crucial things that are often overlooked.

One of the important things we often overlook is : A Healthy Body Composition

Why is a healthy body composition important?

Often, we just bother if we are overweight or underweight. We just look at the weighing scale and think – “Oh, I’m ok, I have an ideal weight.” OR “Oh, I need to diet!” But we are missing out on what is truly important.

A healthy body composition. Even if you have a normal body weight, you may have an unhealthy or altered body composition.

So, what is unhealthy body composition? Broadly, it means that your body has too much body fat in comparison to lean muscle mass. There are increased health risks for persons who have a high body fat to lean muscle ratio. Hence, the problem of the “skinny fat” people. In most cases, an unhealthy body composition can lead to obesity in the long run and critical health concerns such as:

  • some forms of cancer
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • type 2 diabetes
  • excess fatigue

There are some lifestyles that are known to lead to unhealthy body composition. Some main examples are listed below:

  1. high sugar intake
  2. high fat intake
  3. lack of exercise
  4. overeating
  5. excessive alcohol intake

So what are the health benefits of a healthy body composition? These are some of the possible health benefits:

  • improved energy & endurance
  • healthy blood pressure
  • improved sleep quality
  • reduced stress on knees, hips, lower back which reduces pain
  • improved mood
  • more self-confidence
  • reduced risk of certain pregnancy complications
  • improved blood circulation throughout the body, hence reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • improved lung function and hence reduced respiratory infections or breathlessness
  • improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance which decreases the possibility of type 2 diabetes

On the whole, a healthy body composition improves your general health and you get a better quality of life!

But do you need to go to the hospital or clinic to get a body check-up to know your body composition? There’s no need to waste time waiting at the hospital or making appointments, you don’t need to spend alot of money on hospital fees to understand your body composition.

There are several easy tools you can use at home. Such as the Tanita Automatic Weighing Scale with Body Composition Monitor.


It is a simple to use device which has the latest technology to monitor your body composition precisely and supports good healthy living lifestyles. Keep track of your body weight and body composition easily with this quality Made in Japan tool. It also comes in fresh pop colors which suit any home interior well.

Of course, if you are looking for a more detailed body composition checker, you can opt for the Tanita Body Composition Inner Scan which has more detailed information markers.


There are also many useful tools to help you monitor your daily lifestyle to maintain healthy living. Often, we may be leading our lives as per “normal” without knowing how we harm our bodies with accumulated stress, over intake of sugar, fats or even salt. Over consumption of sodium in the long term can cause high blood pressure, kidney problems and overall health deterioration.

It may be prudent to monitor your salt intake with Salinity Meter Spoon to understand and control the amount of salt you and your family intakes through meals. The Salinity Meter Spoon is an easy to use device which can test the amount of sodium in your food. With a simple push of a button, you can test the sodium levels in your food.

Staying healthy is a choice and everyone of us needs to take appropriate measures towards healthy living.


Excessive alcohol intake also causes unhealthy body composition. Often, we have too much to drink without knowing it. We think we are fine and we carry on drinking or worse still, decide to drive home. Such lifestyle is endangering yourself and others. To help us, not only does Tanita manufacture

To help us, not only does Tanita manufacture Salinity Meters, they also have handy Slim Alcohol Sensors. With the Tanita Alchohol Sensor Slim, you can easily carry it with you and test your alcohol levels with simple steps. Just breathe into the Alcohol Sensor to test your alcohol toxicity. Staying healthy and safe is easy and quick!


Monitoring our body composition, salt & alcohol intake are important points of healthy living and controlling our weight. But to achieve a healthy life and good body composition, we must naturally also control our calorie intake and exercise.

While there are many mobile phone applications, widgets and websites that can help you to monitor your calories and keep track of exercise, it may be cumbersome to carry along your mobile phone when you exercise. A lightweight Activity & Calorie Meter is the best for monitoring your health. It is easy to carry along and simple to use.


It is suitable for both men and women. The Activity & Calorie Meter helps to track calorie consumption and your activity rhythm of the day. It helps to maintain good health and control calories.



Healthy living never stops. Through better diets, healthy fresh foods, controlled calories, fat, sugar, salt and alcohol intake, coupled with suitable exercise regimes, we can achieve a good long healthy life.

Be Healthy Inside and live a Happy Life!

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