Easy Steps To Protect Your Baby From Home Toxins

Living in the modern world unfortunately exposes you and your family to a variety of toxins. While, we all try our best to avoid these harmful toxins, we may not know that some toxins are lurking in some common places or household items.


In addition to this problem, babies and children are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals. Astonishingly, chemical exposure begins even before babies are born. It is shocking to know that close to 300 chemical toxins have been detected in the umbilical cords of some newborns. This is because these harmful chemicals are absorbed through the skin.

Top few reasons why kids are more susceptible to toxins:

  1. The unborn baby is subjected to harmful toxins which his mother is exposed to in the environment. Being pregnant and unaware can expose baby to dangerous health risks.
  2. Children have faster metabolism than adults, so their little bodies absorb toxins 4 to 5 times faster than adults.
  3. Babies also have different body chemical systems, so toxins are more harmful to babies as they cannot excrete contaminants or store them in fat which adults can.
  4. Babies and children are closer to the ground and are smaller in size, plus they are in more constant contact with items around them as they touch, feel or even put things into their mouths. Hence, they are often exposed to higher concentrations of chemical toxins and pollutants.

You might think that it is nothing for yourself or your kids to be exposed to toxins and both you and your children just need to strengthen and develop their immune systems to deal with the various toxic chemicals around them.

However, diseases such as cancers and infertility in later life, is often a result of environmental triggers which children are exposed to in early life. Exposure to chemicals and toxins in the womb and childhood disrupt proper development of the immune system and could cause more harm in adulthood than we thought possible.

3 Harmful Chemicals Often Found The Home are:

  1. Flame Retardants
  2. Phthalates
  3. BPA, BPS, BPE, BPF etc plastic chemicals

And where are these harmful chemicals found in your home or your kid’s items? These harmful chemicals lurk in the least assuming of places!

  1. Flame retardants are often found in foam nursing pillows, baby mats, baby car seats or bedding.

Why is it harmful? –> Flame retardants enter the bloodstream and urine quickly upon exposure. Long term exposure to flame retardants are possible triggers for low IQ, thyroid disease, fertility problems, cancer and endocrine disruption.

Some safer options to prevent exposure to flame retardants are:

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2. Phthalates is often found in plastics as it is a plastic softener. It is also found in some personal care products, cleaning agents or fragrances.

Why is it harmful? –> Phthalates are suspected to be linked to reproductive malformations in baby boys, fertility problems, asthma, developmental problems and higher risks of allergic reactions. It is a toxic chemical which may affect the brain development.

Some safer options to prevent exposure to phthalates are:


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3. Plastics are everywhere in children’s and babies’ products. From sippy cups to milk bottles, toys to tableware, food packaging and storage items. We are bombarded with plastic in our daily lives because they are useful, convenient and low-priced.

Although, most plastics are safe for their general usages. We must be careful of over-exposure to plastics. BPA has been banned for use in baby bottles and many plastic manufacturers also removed this harmful component in other food related plastic products as well.

Unfortunately, new research has come to show that replacements for these plastic components are also toxic and harmful to humans.

Consumers must be especially careful about low-priced or cheap plastics. Manufacturers may use recycled plastics or add chemicals to make these cheap plastics more appealing or easier to mould. But these cheap plastics are especially dangerous to health as toxins easily leach out and contaminate food or the environment. Hence, it is prudent not to choose plastic products mainly based on price and it is necessary to purchase plastics from reputable brands or manufacturers.

Why is it harmful? –> Some new research has found that majority of plastics have estrogenic activity, so they could leech endocrine disrupting chemicals and cause harm to your family in the long term.

Some safer options to prevent over-exposure to harmful chemicals in plastics are:

  • Use glass food storage containers such as glass food boxes, glass canisters or glass jars when storing food.
  • Use glass milk bottles or breastfeed where possible.
  • Use natural cypress wooden tubs or natural cypress wooden stools when bathing baby or kids as when hot bath water is placed into plastic bath tubs or on plastic bath stools (which kids sit on) for long periods and reused over time, harmful chemicals may leach into the water and toxins would be absorbed into your child’s delicate skin.

Expert Tip!

** Using Cypress Wood Is Simple For Removing Toxins At Home **

The usage of more cypress wood around the home can help remove toxins at home and is also beneficial to our bodies. Natural cypress wood has natural bug repellant, resistance and anti-decay properties. It is also naturally anti-bacterial.

Natural cypress wood can help to absorb the chemical toxins in the environment while exuding healing properties. Many homes and hot spring spas in Japan also use cypress wood for interiors and daily items as the wood is healing for the body, mind and soul. Cypress wood is visually pleasing, exudes a gentle calming natural scent and absorbs toxins in the environment.

“Cypress allows the mind to collect itself and takes people out of sorrow and depression; it regulates female hormones and helps with ovarian cysts”, says Light Miller and Bryan Miller in their book Ayurveda and Aromatherapy.

Essential oils from cypress trees have been used by mankind for over 4000 years and known to regenerate the inner soul. Cypress oil has been known since biblical times to help in the treatment of cardiovascular problems, wrinkles, cellulite, anxiety, baldness, menstrual problems, colds and respiratory problems.

Having natural cypress wood products around the house (such as cypress chopping boardscypress wood tub, water scoop, soap dish, wooden stools , non-slip floor panels or storage rack) and especially in the bathroom where is it hot, humid and wet often, is a great way to bring out the calming benefits of the cypress wood into the home.

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Don’t wait until chemicals and toxins affect you and your family in the long-term.

Take care with simple actions now to prevent harm to your loved ones.


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