2 Easy Steps To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy 让厨房更佳整齐的快捷2步骤小贴士

Often it is difficult to keep kitchens in a tidy state as there is always so much going on in this small space. There are plenty of condiments which you need for all sorts of cooking that you need to keep away when not in use, there’s leftover food to pack up and store, and yet you need everything to be handy, within reach just when you need them.

Kitchens are not only a functional space to prepare food and cook but also a social space for most families to relax and interact. Kids will be looking for snacks, or couples can sit down for a cup of tea to relax in the afternoons over some cakes. With so much going on, how do you keep it tidy?

With some simple organization and storage tips, everything can look lovely, neat and yet functional.

Step 1: Improve storage options.

It is best to store everything in easy to find or label containers and bottles, so you won’t be putting salt into your tea when you are looking for sugar!

These wide mouthed easy flip top storage pots are great helpers in the kitchen. The lids keep pests away from your food and yet they are easy to open with one hand while you are cooking. The transparents containers also make it easy for you to see when your condiments are running out and need to be filled up soon!


You can also select sizes (slim or regular) to fit your space and also different colors to color-code your storage items, so you can easily pick out what you need in a flash! The specially designed storage pots also have measuring scoops included so you need not search around for a spoon when you need to use the condiments. Get the exact amount each time you scoop. Plus, the scoop will can be placed on top of the condiments inside the storage pot, keeping it clean and hygienic. It is an easy-to-use and hassle-free solution to your condiment storage problems!

Other types of great storage methods include food containers or canisters which have easy to close lids, airtight and stackable for great space savings. Keep vegetables and fruit fresh while dried goods like nuts or croutons remain crunchy and tasty!


Keep big bottles of oil and sauces away from sight. Put them into the kitchen cupboards as you do not need a few liters of oil or sauces at a go anyway. By pouring required small portions of oil or sauces into designated oil bottles or sauce bottles, it creates a beautiful visual presentation and a chic look for your kitchen, making it look tidy and presentable.


By using designated storage containers or bottles in your kitchen, it will look more organized and functional. In addition, you will have less wastage of over-purchasing condiments and sauces (only refill when you run out) and increase storage space and capacity for your kitchen.

Step 2: Utilize other kitchen spaces

There are some parts of your kitchen you can utilise to create more space with some simple gadgets.

For example, the sink space is often a wasted dead space. By using a water drainage rack, you can utilize this sink space for drainage of cups, plates or even fruits and vegetables after washing.


You can have a sink drainage rack within your sink (above) or a sink rack over your sink (below). The benefits of an over-the-sink style rack is that you can also place your cutting board over it to cut some simple vegetables or fruits like tomatoes or herbs (not recommended for chopping meat). A large over sink rack can also give you more space for drainage of pots and pans. It is very helpful after cooking a meal and there’s no space to dry pots and pans on the counter top.

Further expand your kitchen sink usage area by having an overhanging wire sink rack for drainage of crockery. Save counter-top space and helps to dry the dishes quickly after washing. Keep your counter top organized and sink area tidy with this simple gadget.


The area inside the sink is usually quite large and is a space which is often overlooked. It can also be used for putting cleaning detergent or sponges and drainage for bottles to recycle as well.

Try out these simple tricks and make your kitchen more tidy in no time!

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