10 Wacky Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed!

The Japanese have always been known for innovation and creativity. They strive to create products and methods to save time, be more efficient, effective and even perfect!

Let us show you 10 of the wacky, yet super functional, Japanese kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed!

Using them will make your life simplier, easier and perhaps even, happier!

Let’s Go!

  1. Bread Loaf Cutting Guide – Get the Perfect Slice Everytime!

Don’t we all love bread? Isn’t it wonderful to start your day with a delicious slice of toast? But bread has to be sliced just perfectly for the perfect start to any day!

Isn’t it difficult to measure each slice accurately? Throw out your rulers! Use the bread loaf cutting guide and get the perfect slice everytime! You can adjust the thickness as you like. Thick toast with fluffy inside? Or do you prefer thin crispy toast? Don’t fret, you can slice it anyway you like!


Great for the home baker who makes bread fresh at home. Get bakery style evenly sliced bread using just this handy slicing guide gadget without any big bulky machinery.


You can also use the cutting guide to slice other food items such as ham or cheese blocks. A functional and versatile gadget for your home!4973307068805-3

2. Cabbage Core Remover – Beautiful Leaves of Cabbage for Every Meal

Isn’t it hard to cut the core out of cabbages? You have to chop the cabbage in half and then cut out the core separately… Such a hassle! Even professionals find it difficult to core the cabbage nicely and quickly.

With the cabbage core remover, coring a cabbage is so easy and safe! It helps you hollow out the cabbage core quickly in a conical shape without any food wastage.



Preparing cabbage leaves is now so easy with the cabbage core remover! You can get each leaf whole and make delicious cabbage wraps or low-carb burgers! Yum!

3. Crab Shell Peeling Tool – Eating Crab Legs Just Got Easier!

Love those juicy crab legs but hate peeling them? Use this easy crab shell peeling tool to rip off the shell and dig into the delicious sweet crab meat! Don’t miss out on those juicy crab legs!


4. Ergonomic Tongs Finger Extensions – Easy Potato Peeling, Package Opening

Isn’t it hard to peel a boiled potato with your fingers? Especially if the potato is hot or the skin is sticking onto the flesh. Or you don’t wish to dirty your fingers as you might have an important phone call coming in?

Use these ergonomic tongs as easy finger extensions to help you peel potatoes and handle foods like picking up ham or removing strawberry tops easily.


You can also use these ergonomic tongs to open those pesky packages which are hard to rip open with your fingers.


You can also use these ergonomic tongs to remove fish bones from fish fillets or pluck out hairs from pork skin when making crackling. Truly a useful and versatile gadget for your kitchen!

5. Cloth Squeezer – A Great Way to Dry Kitchen Towels!

Find it hard to dry out your kitchen towel after using it? Use this cloth squeezer to help you! It helps to wring out most of the water from kitchen towels or cloths, keeping them more hygienic and clean.

The cloth squeezer reduces the force required to squeeze out the water, so even the elderly with weaker muscles or children can also use this gadget easily!


6. Avocado Cutter – Perfect Slices of Avocado Every Time!

Love the buttery soft avocado fruit but find it difficult to peel and slice? Using the avocado cutter you can get perfect slices every time and make delicious dishes!

Making avocado salad or rice topping with sashimi and avocado just got super easy with the avocado cutter! Just cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and pull the avocado cutter through the avocado flesh and it’s done!

Prepare quick and easy healthy meals at home for the whole family with the avocado cutter!

7. Fluffy Butter Maker – Grate Butter for Super Light Texture!

Isn’t it lovely to enjoy a buttered toast for breakfast? But butter is always so rock hard when you take it out from the fridge, making it difficult to scoop and eat.

Using the fluffy butter maker, you can hand make in advance fluffy soft butter granules for delicious buttered toast ready for every breakfast!


The fluffy butter maker has a non-slip base, so it’s easy to grate the butter into the container. It also has a lid, so you can keep your fluffy butter hygienically in the fridge until you want to enjoy it. Enjoy delicious fluffy butter every meal! No more frustrations of tackling rock hard butter at the table!


8. Plastic PET Bottle or Zip-Lock Bag Drying Rack – No Topples or Fly Aways Anymore!

Plastic PET drink bottles are difficult to stand upside down to drip dry. They are always toppling over and creating a mess. Don’t worry, using this simple drying rack, you can drip dry several PET bottles at once!

Don’t worry that the dripping water will create a puddle on your kitchen counter. The rack has a drip tray to collect the water. An easy way to wash and reuse or recycle PET bottles!


It is also useful for drying out Zip-Lock bags. It is an easy way to re-use Zip-Lock bags instead of wasting them after each use. In the past, it was hard to dry Zip-Lock bags as the plastic always stuck together when wet. But the arms of the drying rack branches out so they can hold the Zip-Lock bag open for easy drying. The drying rack can also be folded close for easy storage.


9. PET Bottles Cap for Carbonated Drinks – Keep Drinks Fizzy!

Fizzy drinks don’t taste great without the FIZZ! Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep drinks fizzy as the carbonated gas dissapates when the bottle is opened.

Use this Pet Bottle Cap for Carbonated Drinks to keep the fizz in! Easy to use! Simply pull the plug up and down to confine the carbonated gas in the bottle. Fizzy drinks stay Fizzy and Tasty!

The carbonated drinks bottle cap is easy to use and saves money! You don’t need to throw out that bottle of flat cola!

10. Spring Onion Shredder Knife – Perfect Silvers of Spring Onion for Every Dish!

Always wondered how Japanese chefs get those perfect silvers of shredded spring onion for ramen toppings or stir-fry? Some Ninja chef skills?

No! Just use this Spring Onion Knife for perfect silvers of spring onion every time! It is easy to cut leek or spring onions with this simple kitchen gadget.

Just put the leek or spring onion on the cutting board and use the special spring onion knife to run through it and you get perfect shreds of vegetables! Easy to use and clean too!


These 10 kitchen gadgets will surely bring more convenience to your everyday life! More efficient and fun time in the kitchen everyday!

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