Top 5 Reasons Why Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads Are Better!

Periods. Every woman’s “best friend” every month from puberty onwards. A “best friend” whom a girl sometimes wishes never comes as it could mean mood swings, pains and aches, cramps or other discomforts. But it’s also a “best friend” a girl would miss desperately if it didn’t show up on time!

Women have been stuck with a love-hate relationship with their menstrual periods since the beginning of time. And since it’s here to stay, why not make it a comfortable and positive experience?

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In the early ages (and even in some rural regions in these modern times), women have used plant matter, cloth rags and fibers to absorb menstrual flow. As technology improved, more absorbent materials and better feminine hygiene products have been invented from ultra-thin super absorbent disposable sanitary pads to super slim comfortable tampons.

Although these new and improved types of feminine hygiene products are easy to use and convenient, they also have some serious disadvantages to you, your health, your wallet and the environment.

Top 5 Reasons Why Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads Are Better for you!

  1. The Healthier Choice

Disposable sanitary pads or tampons are made from a bunch of synthetic materials such as plastics, synthetic fibers, bleached wood pulp and other chemical products. They may also include artificial fragrances and other toxins. It is also more viable to these large corporations to use cotton which is mass-produced and could contain pesticides. Hence, these mass-produced feminine hygiene products are highly likely to cause skin allergic reactions, hormone distruption and in some serious cases cause reproduction and other gynaecological disorders.

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But reusable cloth menstrual pads like Mashisa Cloth Napkins are made from organic cotton which are grown in pesticide-free and fertilizer-free fields. These organic cotton is then is carefully spun by hand into organic fabrics. Organic fabric cloth napkins are soft and gentle on the skin with excellent breathability and absorbency, so it feels comfortable and is healthy for you. These natural fabrics are a healthier choice for you as they are not made from chemicals.

2. Reduction in Menstrual Cramps / Skin Allergies or Rashes

Some ladies who have switched from disposable sanitary pads have reported that their severe menstrual cramps have been reduced or they no longer suffer from menstrual cramps after using cloth napkins!

The super absorbency of these synthetic fibers in disposable feminine hygiene products absorbs all the moisture in a woman’s delicate zones and this causes the probability of severe pain and discomfort to increase.

Disposable sanitary pads are made from plastics and synthetic materials which block airflow into your delicate regions which feels stuffy and uncomfortable. This damp and warm environment causes bacteria to multiply quickly and also causes painful rashes or skin allergies easily.

Mashisa Cloth Napkins have excellent breathabilty and absorbency. It has about 130% of the water absorbency than ordinarily spun cloth, so it is difficult for it to feel sticky even when it is wet and it also absorbs sweat well. Hence, these Cloth Napkins reduce the risk of having menstrual cramps and painful rashes that women may experience during periods.

Mashisa Cloth Napkins are natural and also have unbleached organic cotton napkins which are most suitable for those with very sensitive skin that are prone to allergies or out break of rashes.

3. Zero Risk of Death by Toxic Shock Syndrome

In addition, ladies who use tampons are at risk of toxic shock syndrome which is a sudden, potentially fatal condition. It is caused by the release of poisonous substances from an overgrowth of the staph bacteria which is found in many women’s bodies.

Cloth napkins do not cause such risk to ladies. Furthermore, cloth napkins are soft and gentle on the body while relaxing to your mind & heart since they are all natural. Ladies can begin to understand their own beautiful bodies more and marvel in nature’s creation.

4. Save A Lot of Money

A woman typically menstruates for 40 years of her life and needs to buy at least $10 of disposable sanitary products each month. That adds up to $120 each year and some $4800 for her lifetime! She can surely put her Five Thousand Dollars to much better use such as investments, holiday trips or education for self-improvement!

By using reusable Cloth Napkins, a full set consisting of 11 pieces for daytime and night time use only costs around $95! That’s less than the yearly costs for normal disposable sanitary products. Also, Cloth Napkins can be used for 6 years or more depending on how the fabrics are washed or cared for. If the Cloth Napkins are used for 6 years, it only costs around $15 per year and less than $1.50 a month!!


Compared to using disposable sanitary products for 6 years ($120 x 6= $720), you will SAVE $625 (as cloth napkins only have a one-time cost of $95) with the Mashisa 11-piece Cloth Napkins Set!!

The savings with the Mashisa 7-piece Cloth Napkins set is even MORE as the 7-piece cloth napkin set is only a low price of about $45! It is a wonderful complete and economical starter kit for ladies who want to start switching to reusable cloth sanitary napkins.

That’s great extra savings for you and your family!

5. Eco-friendly & Sustainable Choice

Disposable sanitary products causes much damage to the Earth and environment. These products are made from different materials such as plastics, chemicals and cottons, so they are not eco-friendly and take hundred of years to decompose. There are billions of disposable sanitary products thrown away each year, it is nearly impossible to clear out these products from the environment.

Not only do they take a long time to decompose and contribute to landfill wastes, these disposable products also clog up our waterways and pollute our environment. The companies who are mass-producing these feminine hygiene products are also releasing toxins and pollutants into the environment.

Reusable cloth napkins have a positive impact on our environment as they are reusable and reduce waste. In addition, Mashisa Cloth Napkins are made from organic materials which are easily biodegradable, can be recycled and is a more sustainable choice for our Earth.

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Easy to Clean & Reuse!

Although it may seem difficult to waste soiled cloth napkins, it is actually easy to do with regular cleaning detergents and water!

Keep the soiled cloth napkins in airtight bags to prevent the menstrual blood from drying out and becoming hard. Simply soak the soiled cloth napkins in cool water with detergent for around 30 minutes, then wash it normally in the washing machine or by hand.

For ladies who prefer to have cloth napkins which hide the stains well, there are the naturally brown dyed organic cloth napkins range.

These naturally brown dyed organic cloth napkins by Mashisa are handmade from traditional Japanese methods. They are great for masking the stains naturally caused by menstrual blood but are made without chemical products or toxins which are harmful to you.

Feel relaxed and yet more safe & secure with natural feminine hygiene products like organic cotton cloth napkins. A small change in your lifestyle can bring a big change to your health situation and a positive impact on our Earth in the long term.

Click here for more information on different organic cotton cloth napkin products available to you directly from Japan.


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