7 Essentials for the Elderly You Love

The world population is ageing rapidly and there are more seniors amongst us then ever before. However, one can still be happy, healthy and active in old age. We are blessed to live in the modern world that is full of new innovations and modern designs that can aid our everyday life to make our golden years truly enjoyable and safe.

Being one of the countries with the highest rate of ageing population in the world, Japan is one of the pioneers and leaders in developing quality, thoughtful and useful products for the silver generation.

17 September 2018 is Respect the Elderly Day in Japan. To commemorate this special day, we have compiled a short list of useful items for your beloved elderly friend or family member.

Let’s check-out at 7 essential daily items for the elderly you love!

  1. Foldable walking stick


As we get older, our sense of balance is changed and also our joints or legs become weaker, so it is necessary for some of us to have some walking aids. It is safer and also keeps us active in old age as we would be able to walk freely.

However, many elderly do not need walking sticks at every moment of their activity. Also, they may feel shy to be carrying a walking stick everywhere. It may also be inconvenient to carry a stick along.

The foldable walking stick is perfect because it gives the elderly person the flexibility to use it when it is required. Or fold it up and pop it into their bags if they do not need a walking stick.



The height of the walking stick is also adjustable so that it can fit the height requirement of any elderly person well. The study handle and loop string also make it easy for elderly to manage when using the walking stick. A truly functional innovation to traditional walking sticks!

2. Swivel-type 4-legged support cane

For the elderly who need a bit more support during walking, they may use a 4-legged walking cane for better support. However, it may be difficult to manoeuvre and turn corners if using a traditional support cane.

With new design of a swivel support cane, the elderly person using the cane can easily turn corners with the support of the cane’s swivel movement. Being more active and mobile makes elderly lifestyles more normal and enjoyable. The elderly can also remain independent and leads to more positive well-being.

3. Non-slip Mats in the Bathroom or Home

Slipping and falling are common hazards amongst the elderly and a high percentage of these accidents happen at home. It is essential to prevent such accidents from happening.

Non-slip mats in the bathroom are essential for safety. Such as non-slip toilet floor mats.


These easy clean and non-slip toilet area mats are essential for homes with elderly persons as they prevent stains on the floor and most importantly help give grip to the toilet floor and prevent slips or falls.

Non-slip mats in the shower area are also necessary for homes with elderly persons or children. These rubber-type mats with strong suction base make slippery wet shower floors safe to use.

Slipping on stairways are also quite common in the home. This can be prevented with cushioned non-slip staircase carpets. These types of special non-slip stairway carpets have strong non-slip backing to make them safe for elderly, children and pets at home.


Not only are these carpets easy to use, safe, non-slip and also cushioned for walking comfort, they are also machine washable and reusable. So they are eco-friendly and economical for use in any family.

4. Safety Bath Stools

Often the elderly may feel dizzy or unstable to stand for a long time. Hence, it may be dangerous for them to stand while showering.  There are various styles of bath stools which are also made of hygienic and bacteria-growth inhibiting safe materials such as AG+ Sliver Ions that are anti-bacterial.

Bath Stools also come in a variety of sizes, widths, and heights to suit everyone’s different requirements. They are also equipped with non-slip legs for safety during use. Taller and wider bath stools are mostly more suitable for men. It would be more comfortable for them to use these larger sized bath stools.

Enjoy a shower time with the wonderful healing fragrance of Japanese Cypress wood in the comfort of your own home. Natural Japanese Cypress Wood bath stools are organically anti-bacterial and give off a subtle fragrant scent when used in the shower with hot water splashing on it.

Spend a relaxing and healing time while enjoying a nice shower. Natural Japanese Cypress Wood bath goods provide a sensory experience for everyone at home to enjoy.

5. Multi-use Magnifying Nail Clippers

As we get older, our eyesight worsens naturally. Often normal things such as clipping nails and reading books become harder as we can’t see clearly. It makes life more convenient to have a magnifying glass to aid our sight.

However, it is a hassle to carry a magnifying glass in one hand and cut nails with only the other hand! A clever twist in the common nail clipper easily solves this problem!


By combining the magnifying glass with the nail clipper, it is handy, easy to use while cutting nails, it is also small enough to carry around for daily use. Now cutting nails is easy with the attached magnifying glass. You don’t have to fumble with a magnifying glass with trying to cut!


Since it is a small and handy tool, it can be also used to aid in reading. The innovative design makes use of the nail clipper structure as a stand for the magnifying glass. The elderly can easily prop the clipper onto the desk or book and easily read the enlarged words. Makes daily life more convenient and happy!


6. Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors also make it easier for the elderly to use when they are grooming themselves.


Looking good is very important and when one looks good, they also feel good about themselves. With a happy attitude to life, one can also have a healthy life. The Japanese design of magnifying mirrors are also shatterproof. This is an important safety feature that is necessary for elderly users. Sometimes their hands may feel weak and they might drop the mirror. If the glass shatters, it would be dangerous for them, especially if they have difficulty bending over the clean up. The Shatterproof magnifying mirror design prevents this problem from happening.

7. One-Touch Open Drinking Bottles

As we get older, our hands will become weaker and it may be difficult for us to open screw-top bottles. So, it is easier if the bottles can open with one-touch like a press of the button.

These one-touch design bottles are easy to open with a press, so the elderly can quickly hydrate themselves. The thermos insulation design is also great to bring along warm water during activities outdoors. It is always comforting to drink some warm water.


The mouth area is also wide enough for ice to enter if they would prefer a cold beverage. The wide mouth area is also perfect for easy cleaning to keep the thermos water bottles clean.

Some elderly may have difficulty swallowing, so it would be easier to use straws to suck up liquids.

3059cabf-9df6-4f4d-9391-de7260da126aThis type of one-touch thermos straw bottle is extra convenient for the elderly. It can contain warm liquids such as soup or water porridge to bring outdoors and the built in straw is handy for easy consumption.

Enjoy the golden years with good innovative and thoughtful products.

Make life easier, more convenient and safe with these new ideas. 

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