Simple Green Way to Fix and Prevent Rusty Knives

Rusty kitchen knives hanging out in the bottom of your kitchen counter? What a waste of money and damage to the environment to just dump them when they could be perfectly good to use!

Did you know that you can fix rusty knives very simply with 2 items you probably already have sitting around in your kitchen!?

Make a quick guess! Do you have an idea what are the ingredients you will need to fix a rusty knife?


The photo gives you a little clue on one of the ingredients you’ll need. Yes! Potatoes! And some vinegar. Just 2 ingredients are needed. Now you’re ready to go!

How to Fix a Rusty Knife:

  1. Wipe down the rusty knife blade with a cloth that is soaked in vinegar.
  2. Slice a potato (any type) and lay the potato slices on both sides of the blade. Make sure that the blade is covered by the sliced potato.
  3. Let the knife blade sit in the potato slices for at least 20 minutes or longer if the rust is severe.
  4. After the knife has been sitting in the potato, wipe the blade down to remove the rust. If it is very rusty, use some rubbing alcohol to clean off any remaining rusty grime.
  5. Repeat these steps if the blade is still rusty.

Why use potatoes and not other vegetables to clean rusty knives? 

Potatoes contain oxalic acid which may help to remove the rust on the kitchen knives. This is a simple and green way to clean off rust instead of throwing away those rusty kitchen knives.

So what other ways can you prevent knives from rusting?

Completely dry knives after washing them. Put them out in the open to air dry completely instead of keeping them in a knife block. Knife blocks trap moisture and are also prone to mould and dirt build up which is not very hygienic.


You can place your kitchen knives in a safe corner out in the open near your cutting board stand. This is a convenient way to store knives and cutting boards so they are easy to access and makes you more efficient in the kitchen when you need to prepare foods.

Avoid putting your kitchen knives into the dishwasher. Not only would the chemicals, washing cycle and length of time soaked in water cause knife blades to rust, the dishwasher will also damage the knife handles and make the blade blunt.

Also, purchasing quality knives made from high-grade stainless steel is a better option than regular knives. They do not rust over time and maintain their sharpness without having to hassle with sharpening.


Stainless steel knives made in Japan from quality Japanese steel are long-lasting partners in the kitchen for any home or professional chef. Keep your knives hygienic and sharp for food safety and personal safety when cutting up vegetables, fish or meats.

There are a large variety of quality Japanese knives to suit every kitchen’s needs. Get a good one to suit your cooking needs instead of wasting money on several inferior quality knives.

Lastly, a foolproof way to prevent rusty knives!

Too busy to be bothered with thinking about how to clean and store your knives? Just get a ceramic knife! It’s easy to maintain and won’t rust!

Ceramic knives are lightweight, anti-bacterial and also rust-free! Make food preparation at home easier and more hygienic with ceramic knives. These ceramic knives from Japan also have long-lasting sharpness and you do not need to hassle with sharpening them. Save time and money with these useful products for your kitchen!


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