3 Easy Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in every home, so it is inevitable that the kitchen is easily cluttered. Kitchens are often filled with dried goods, packages or cans of foods, and even stacks of bills or recipe books. The kitchen can become quite a chaotic cluttered space.

It might seem like an uphill task to declutter your kitchen but with some easy tips, you can quickly organise and make your kitchen clutter-free. It is important to keep your kitchen clean and decluttered because there are many benefits like improved moods and even a better diet that comes with a clutter-free kitchen.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get on to decluttering for a cleaner kitchen and healthier lifestyle!

1. Check & Organise Cupboards or Drawers

It can be difficult to know what is hiding in your cupboards or drawers. The items are typically hidden behind those closed doors and soon you’ve accumulated many cans, bottles, jars and packages of food you didn’t even know when you purchased!

Start by checking all the expiry dates on those products. Remove products that are well past their use-by-dates. If you have too much food that is still edible but your family would not be consuming them, donate them to local food banks or elderly homes so that the food doesn’t go to waste.

Put staples like rice, pasta, noodles and flour into designated clear storage containers so that you know exactly what’s inside the containers, how much is left and you can use these ingredients easily by pouring them from the containers or scooping out.


You can also replace boxes of cereals, seeds or nuts with transparent containers so you can clearly see what’s inside. It would be good that these containers have airtight lids and handles so you can keep foods fresh for longer than its sitting in the packages plus they are easy to store in drawers or cabinets and easy to take out when you need them.


Choose containers with wide openings for easy pouring from packages to the containers. Select containers which are easy to open and close. Transparent lids also give you a good view of what is inside the containers, so you know what ingredients you have at a glance.


It would be best to choose containers  with airtight ring to keep foods fresh. Containers that are dishwasher safe  make for easy cleaning and handles so you can quickly lift up ingredients from the drawers when you are preparing foods.


Handy storage racks are also great for organising little bottles of spices, soy sauce and the necessary salt, sugar and pepper. These storage racks maximise space in the kitchen and makes your condiments ready available.

It is not only satisfying to have an organised kitchen. It is also healthier for you because it makes it easy to plan healthy meals as you know what ingredients you have and where they are. This makes you less likely to order fast food delivery or eat unhealthy snacks before meals.

2. Organise Your Sink Area

Don’t just dump your dishes on the side of the sink to dry. Use a draining rack to keep your plates, bowls, chopsticks and glasses organised while they are left to dry. The draining rack will give your kitchen a beautiful look and keeps it clutter-free.


If you have a compact sized kitchen, you can use a double tier drainage rack to organise cutlery and crockery more neatly. This type of drainage rack will save you space and is very functional for a family.


If you have a large sink area, you can also put an extendable water drainage sink rack inside the sink. Not only is the sink rack great for draining off washed cups or dishes, you can also put vegetables or fruits in after washing while you prepare foods for cooking.


3. Narrow Down and Don’t Hoard Utensils, Pans, Cutlery and Crockery

Think about how many plates, bowls, glasses, dishes, chopsticks, spoons and forks you need for your daily family meal. Take into account some spares for breakage or some guests. If you often host parties, you may need more cutlery or crockery but most families do not need as much.

It is not necessary to have pots and pans in every shape and size, especially if you are preparing only simple homestyle meals. Most kitchens just need a large frying pan and sauce pan with a lid which is versatile enough to cook many dishes. This will help to reduce the clutter of cookware you own.



You also don’t need 10 different types of utensils. Just get a good functional rice paddle and frying turner which can double up for the cooking of many types of dishes. The perforation in the rice paddle is also great for draining off foods like tofu or dumpling when you boil it. A large ladle is great for stirring and scooping soups and stews. The large ladle is also perfect for scooping up cake batter into baking tins.



Go through your drawers and cupboards, take stock of things you really need, get rid of those broken bits and pieces or donate unwanted stuff to local charities. This will help to declutter your kitchen quickly and effectively.

These 3 easy tips will help you organise and declutter your kitchen in no time!

Try it!

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