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Why shopping in foreign currency benefits you?外币跨境购物的益处

Why shopping in foreign currency benefits you? Lots of great products from overseas websites. Kitchen wares at up to 70% off department store prices. Great home ideas and innovations at good discounts. Better value on house ware products… and more… But you are concerned – products are listed in foreign currency. Is it going to be more…

Top 3 of Benefits of Green Tea 绿茶的益处

We all heard about the benefits green tea. We all know green tea is good for us. But what are the Top 3 reasons you should drink green tea? 大家都知道绿茶对身体有益。但是,饮用绿茶的前三大理由是什么呢?让我们告诉您,绿茶到底有什么好处! Top 3 reasons why you should be enjoying delicious green tea! Green tea makes you smarter! There are compounds in green tea which can improve…

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Make Air-Dried Healthy Snacks At Home

Store bought snacks have too many preservatives? Unknown what is going into your food? No time to make your own snacks? Make air-dried healthy veggie or fruit snacks easily at home! Easy steps here! Air dried veggies make a healthy snack for everyone at home – Helps with Baby’s teething (make delicious chewy dried veggies for soothing…

Lunch Jar Easy Porridge Recipe

Taking baby outdoors? Hassle to cook porridge? Tired of eating lunch out of office? Craving for some healthy simple food? But lazy to cook and clean? Do you know that easy rice porridge can be made in Zojirushi lunch jar without even cooking? Just pop everything into the lunch jar, add boiling water in the…